The Hite Group, LLC


Today's workplace has become so complex that we are often in situations with competing priorities.  Add to this, disengaged employees and difficult organization histories that may include recent layoffs, restructuring or employees rotating jobs frequently.


We believe that there is a different way to think about work.  Our philosophy focuses on outcomes, shorter time horizons and specific contexts.  This focus allows for work that more directly meets customer needs and better engages employees.


Ask yourself the following questions:


1) Are competing priorities causing confusion?


2) Is it difficult for employees to describe how their work contributes to overall goals?


3) Does the team spend more time on tactical versus strategic work?


4) Is there a significant amount of time spent on unanticipated events?


If you answered yes to any of these questions or you would like to learn more about refocusing the work, contact us to hear about our outcomes-based approach to work design.