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A light trough is a gap created above the standard ceiling height in order to produce an superior effect on the area. Used to section or highlight areas in an open plan room.

Creating a feature in the middle of the room or dividing two areas, a •U• shaped bulkhead would be installed. Often used to mirror a central work unit in a kitchen, or bar area.



What would be different if your strategy was readily translated into actionable priorities?


We partner with you to to define your strategic vision, translate that vision into tangible implementation actions, and build the capabilities you need for growth.

What would be different if your resources and governance processes were clearly aligned to deliver the desired outcomes?

We help you rethink your structures, define priorities, and ensure that you have the right governance and coordination mechanisms to simplify focus, be more adaptive to change, and improve decision making.

What would be different if your employees felt engaged, motivated and took ownership for delivering results?

Our unique combination of coaching, culture management, talent awareness and change management will help you to reenergize your team for the future.


Does your project team feel ownership and passion for the work they are doing?

We can help you articulate a clear and compelling vision with defined and measureable outcomes, accelerate achievement of results through action plans with defined milestones and accountabilities, and manage organizational change.


Does your HR team drive a strategic talent agenda that improves business results?

We can help you translate desired outcomes into tangible and measureable HR goals, create or refine your strategy to maximize talent, capabilities and workforce planning and be strategic while still managing the tactics of operational execution.



Does your leadership team maximize the power of working together?

We can help you build team effectiveness, trust and collaboration, drive outcomes with shared priorities and action plans, and improve employee engagement.